Indonesia Tourist Packages

Day 1
Arrive Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful island provinces of Indonesia with picturesque settings of clear blue sea, coral reefs, white sand, and misty mountains. Dinner sunset cruise, multi-cuisine buffet, and a night’s stay at Bali can be unforgettable experiences giving you a feeling of being in a paradise. Stay overnight at a hotel.

Day 2
Bali – Kintamani Volcano; Villages – Batuan, Mas, Celuk

Kintamani Volcano is a magnificent sight combined green surroundings. Danau Batur atop the mountain is a crater lake and a source of water for Bali. Batuan village is famous for its rich, intricate paintings narrating their culture and life. You may wonder if the world is ignorant of Mas village as the wood carvings of its craftsmen bring out the life from dry woods. Visit Celuk village and capture their silver and gold works in your camera. Kintamani village shows you breathtaking landscapes and glimpses of thatched houses. Visit historical Hindu temples showing an entirely different construction. Explore the Ubud market and tingle your taste buds.

Day 3
Bali – Kecak Dance, Bali Spa

The third day is all for you to explore the island. Enjoy frolicking on the golden sands, relax, take a rejuvenating massage in the Balinese Spa, swim in the lagoon pool, take snapshots of yourself and the location, or do something else. Enjoy the beauty of Kecak Dance narrating the story of love between Lord Rama and Sita, which may even give you flashbacks of dance sequences of the Hollywood Movie Avatar. Spend the night in this beautiful island.

Day 4

Spend this last day of Indonesia Bali Package doing leisurely activities such as enjoying the spa, exploring the surroundings, collecting souvenirs, relishing various foods, and retreating to your room for the night.

Day 5

Do some shopping, get quick spa, and reach airport for the return flight.

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