Iguazu Falls Tourist Packages

Day 1
Arrive at Iguazu Falls

Iguazu is a picturesque falls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, where the River Iguazu plunges into the steep depths. On the first day you reach the location and get a hotel accommodation assisted by our travel guide.

Day 2
Visiting Iguazu Falls

Located around 24 km from the Brazilian side, this falls can be reached via Visitor’s Centre, a catwalk of one kilometer, and a paved road. There are many spots on the walkway to capture the beauty of various sections of the waterfalls. Iguazu National Park entry may not be included in this package. Stay in the hotel tonight.

Day 3
Depart Iguazu Falls

Once you finish your breakfast, our travel assistant will drop you till the railway station or airport for your journey to your next destination.

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