Hampi Tourist Packages

Day 1
Arrival at Hospet

Hampi Tourist Package is an excellent way to experience the richness of Indian architecture. Once known as Hampe, it derived the present name from Pampa River (present, Tunga Bhadra River). It was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, and considered the world’s richest city in 15 AD; Islamic invasion led to its disintegration.

Despite wide scale destructions of those times, Hampi still boasts of a huge collection of monuments standing as a sign of its royal past. Post arrival and check-in at a hotel, you’ll be visiting many interesting locations such as Queen’s Bath, Secret Chamber, King Audience Hall, Mustard Ganesha, and Peanut Ganesha, and capturing the sunset at Malyavantha Temple. A night’s halt at the hotel is essential to cover other places.

Day 2
Virupaksha Temple

On day two, you’ll be covering Virupaksha Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site), King Balance, Stone Chariot, Musical Pillars, Elephant Stable, Underground Temple, and many more. The list does not end here as Hampi had around 5,00,000 inhabitants and one of the biggest armies of those times. You will be covering other royal monuments the next day.

Day 3

Anegundi has many interesting places such as Anjaneya Parvat, Kishkinda, Anegundi Fort, Pampa Sarovar. Many other places are covered in the tour, but to completely know their significance another visit may be necessary. This is your last day at the Hampi, and you’ll be doing sightseeing and visiting Fort, Pampa Sarovar, Anjanadri Hill (Monkey Temple), Tungabhadra reservoir and many places. Tourists will be taken to Hospet Railway/Bus Station for departure.

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