Camel-Safari tourist packages

Day 1

Rajasthan is famous for camel safaris, distinct colorful dresses, and close encounter with the lives of its people. It is a royal city, being home to many forts and palaces. On the day of your arrival at Rajasthan, our representative gets you checked in at the hotel. Relax for the day and get ready for the royal trip of Rajasthan.

Day 2

On day two, you’ll arrive at Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, which is also an abode of palaces, forts, and temples. It is called “Sun City” for its sunny weather and “Blue City for blue houses. You’ll be enjoying the rich hospitality and some sightseeing, before retreating to sleep after a sumptuous dinner.

Day 3
Jodhpur - Lathi

On day three, experience the rich, colorful life and culture of Jodhpur people. Being here, it’s easy to get a feeling of traveling back to the olden times of historical forts, unaffected by modernity and still preserving their old charm. Your next visit will be Ramdevra Temple, Pokam where Baba Ramdevji took samadhi in 1459 AD, around whom this temple is constructed. The next destination Lathi will give you an experience of the much awaited camel safari and an overnight stay in the desert tents.

Day 4
Jodhpur - Delasar

On the fourth morning you’ll continue the camel safari till you reach Delasar, and meet warm hearted villagers and spend time watching local Kabaddi games. Then campfire will follow, where your dinner will be served. You’ll enjoy yet another day, staying in the desert tents.

Day 5
Delasar - Mulana

The fifth day of your trip will start with a breakfast, followed by a camel ride to Mulana, where you’ll get glimpses of its artisans’ life. You’ll have lunch and dinner en route and rest in the tents.

Day 6
Mulana - Jaisalmer

Pack up at Mulana and continue your journey towards Rach Zarat, where you’ll sight some vegetations and animal life. Your journey continues till you reach Jaisalmer; check-in at a hotel here. Spend time here savoring the attractions of Jaisalmer, the Golden City and enjoying the desert night.

Day 7

Jaisalmer Fort lies at the heart of the Thar Desert, nicknamed “The Great Indian desert.” You are free to explore this beautiful historical city which marks India’s border with Pakistan. Its golden colored sand earns it the name - the Golden City. After the day’s expedition an overnight stay at a hotel follows.

Day 8
Jaisalmer - Bikaner

Bikaner is your next destination covered on the eighth day of camel safari. Established by Rao Bika, It is considered as the oasis lying on the old trade route between Gujarat and Central Asia. Lalgarh Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, and Junagarh Fort are the important places of visit.

Day 9
Bikaner - Mandawa

Mandawa is your next destination covered on a vehicle on the ninth day of camel safari. You can do some sightseeing and exploring at Mukundgarh and Dundlod. At Dundlod do remember to get a glimpse of the Dundlod Fort, which blends the Rajput and Mughal architecture. You’ll spend the last night of the Rajasthan camel safari trip at a hotel here.

Day 10
Mandawa - Delhi Onward Destination

On the tenth morning, you’ll wrap up the journey with a camel safari. Your journey ends here as you leave for the airport to take a return journey.

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