Antarctic Peninsula - South Shetland - Polar Circle Tourist Packages

Day 1
Board Plancius in Ushuaia

On arrival at Ushuaia in Argentina get settled in a hotel room. Board Plancius and take a journey towards Drake Passage crossing Beagle Channel.

Day 2
Sail through Drake Passage

Sailing through the Drake Passage is an amazing experience as you will arrive on the circum-Antarctic upwelling zone, which is the favorite feeding zone for fishes, seabirds, seals, and whales. Warm water supports the growth of phytoplankton and krill, which support a long food chain. Once you are close to the South Shetland Islands, you’ll sight the icebergs.

Day 3
Deception Island – Antarctica

On our way towards High Antarctica, we sail across the Schollaert Channel beside Melchior Islands, which is surrounded by Brabant and Anvers Islands. You may find crabeater and weddell seals, brown skuas, and gentoo penguins on Cuverville and Orne Islands. You’ll set foot on Neko Harbour to experience glaciers of the Antarctic Continent, which are at the sea level. You continue the journey towards Deception Island, a caldera, which has mysterious microenvironments giving you delightful times of bathing in hot springs. Under favorable weather conditions you can even do kayaking or take long walks.

Day 4
Drake Passage and seabirds

We take a return journey towards Ushuaia, and pass through Drake Passage. Again, we are accompanied by seabirds like kestrels, albatrosses, fulmars. Do notice that there are many varieties of these seabirds.

Day 5
Reach Ushuaia

Say goodbye to seabirds, reach Ushuaia, and disembark from Plancius. Post breakfast you’ll be dropped till airport for departure.

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